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  1. To see model introduction, click here: Model Answer The pie charts illustrate the changes in energy production from five different sources (oil, natural gas, coal, hydroelectric power and nuclear power) for the USA in two different years (1980 and 1990)
  2. IELTS Writing Achieve 6.5 - Example 4 Describing a pie chart Pie Charts normally show proportion, which can be measured in percentages or fractions. This chart shows the relative size of populations of countries of the European Union in 2007. So we can only make comparisons; we cannot say anything about change
  3. People were asked about their preffered devices for accessing the internet. This pie chart show the information how people prefer to access the internet with their devices. The devices are shown in red, blue, green and purple. People prefer to use smartphones and laptops to go online, with a difference of 3 percent between the two
  4. List with phrases to describe charts The pie chart is about The bar chart deals with The line graph (clearly) shows The slices of the pie chart compare the The chart is divided into parts. It highlights has the largest (number of) has the second largest (number.

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The pie chart is about Das Tortendiagramm handelt von The bar chart deals with Das Balkendiagramm beschäftigt sich mit The line graph (clearly) shows Das Kurvendiagramm zeigt (deutlich) The slices of the pie chart compare the Die Teile des Tortendiagramms vergleichen die The chart is divided into parts Describe Image (Pie Chart) - You will be given a pie chart.You are required to study the pie chart for 25 seconds and record your answer in 40 seconds. This is a long answer item type that assesses speaking skills and requires test takers to describe an image from an academic source such as a graph, map, chart, table or picture Useful phrases when describing The slices of the pie chart compare the The chart is divided into parts. It highlights has the largest (number of) has the second largest (number of) is as big as is twice as big as is bigger than more than per cent only one thir Pie charts are circular charts divided into sectors or 'pie slices', usually illustrating percentages. The size of each pie slice shows the relative quantity of the data it represents. Together, the slices create a full circle

You can make use of words or phrases written on the diagram heading or labels in order to better describe what the pie chart is about. For example, Question statement: The pie chart shows the amount of food eaten by youngsters in Australia in the year 2000. Pie-chart heading: Consumption of food by Australian Teenager Typically, a single pie chart question is straightforward and relatively easy to group the information; We just need to look at each segment and figure out how much of a percentage each segment makes up. This is really simple and after that, you'll notice there is one segment that is the largest and one that is the smallest. These two segments are a good starting point, which you'll see in the analysis table below Conclusions - useful phrases: We must focus our attention on What I suggest is There is a necessity for We need more We have no choice but to Appropriate measures must be taken; The only option we have is to These changes are inevitable. We will have to revise our estimation. The result / outcome will be I strongly recommend. This pie chart shows the proportion of pages on EnglishHints.com on various subjects. Almost 50% of its pages are related to vocabulary, and more than half of those are vocabulary practice. The site has approximately equal numbers of pages for skills, grammar, and tests plus games—around 1/8 each. Pages for teachers make up a little under 10% of site content, and a variety of other pages.

To signal comparison and contrast between sentences you can use the following words and phrases: Describing Bar Charts and Column Charts (2) Bar charts and column charts are often used to make multiple comparisons. It shows the populations of major European countries in the years 1996 and 2007. In this case we can make two sets of comparisons. We can look at the change in population from 1996 to 2007 for each country, and we can compare the populations of the various countries in each year Description. Describing pictures. Describing a cartoon; Describing a photo; Describing a Drawing / Painting; Describing statistics. Describing a bar chart; Describing a line graph; Describing a pie chart; Describing a table; Step-by-step Guide: Describing a Graph; Letter; Mediation Deutsch - Englisch; Speaking. Ablauf einer Gruppendiskussio You are usually asked to compare 2 pie charts but sometimes you only have 1 chart to describe. Single Pie Chart Paragraph 1 Describe what sort of chart it is and what it is about. Paragraph 2 Describe the sections of the graph starting with the biggest and working your way down. Paragraph 3 A short conclusion giving an overall view of what the chart is about. Two Pie Charts Describing a bar chart. You are here. Home. Describing a bar chart. Look at the bar chart, exam question and sample answer and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Instructions. Preparation . Check your understanding: multiple choice. Check your writing: matching. Check your writing: gap fill typing. The key language when you write about pie charts is proportions and percentages. Common phrases to see are the proportion of or the percentage of. Other phrases can include: a large number, a small minority, less than a fifth Avoid drawing conclusions and stating opinions about information that is not in the charts

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Quiz: Vocabulary for explaining & comparing chart data/trends. Below is a definition/description of each of the words/phrases in bold from the above text. Now fill in the blanks with one of these words/phrases in bold.Only use one word/phrase once and write it as it is in the text Pie charts have a fairly narrow use-case that is encapsulated particularly well by its definition. In order to use a pie chart, you must have some kind of whole amount that is divided into a number of distinct parts. Your primary objective in a pie chart should be to compare each group's contribution to the whole, as opposed to comparing groups to each other. If the above points are not. Introduction • The chart shows (what.../ who/when.. / where..) - When: in + year/month from... to.. • The (study/research/survey) was carried out (in + date/ by + agent) • The pie chart illustrates • This graph provides information on 5 These are the most important expressions to describe charts and graphs. As we can see in Pie Chart #1, 55% of people use Netflix; Pie Chart #1 says that 55% of people use netflix; Pie Chart #1 shows us that 55% of people use Netflix and 45% of people don't; Pie Chart #1 shows that most people use Netflix; This chart shows that 55% of people

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Useful phrases describing a picture / interpreting a cartoon The beginning of your description • The situation is at / the situation is near • The picture / painting / cartoon introduces us / the viewer / the spectator to • In the / this picture / painting / photo / cartoon / illustration we see / come upon (stoße Or did you mean the textual description inside the pie-slices? pieChart.setDrawSliceText(false); Or did you mean the actual slice values inside the pie-slices? pieData.setDrawValues(false); Or are you talking about the Legend (shows all DataSet labels and colors outside of the chart)? chart.getLegend().setEnabled(false); This answer is based on release v3.0.0+, for more information check out. Useful phrases. The central focus of the picture is... In the foreground / background Write positions in pictures at the beginning or end of your sentence. Positions in pictures: The central focus of the picture is the cowboy on his horse. You can see another cowboy in the background on the left

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  1. The language of graphs and charts refer to the words and phrases used when describing results depicted within these formats. This language is especially useful when making presentations because charts and graphs measure various statistics and are helpful when presenting large amounts of information that need to be understood quickly, including facts and figures, statistical information, profit.
  2. The pie charts show the nationality of foreign students on a business course at a university in the UK in 1991 and 2011. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant
  3. The pie charts compare the amount of electricity created from five different sources of fuel in France in 1990 and 2010. These were oil, coal, natural gas, hydropower and nuclear power. The red words are paraphrased and I have added the 5 types of sources of fuel
  4. Step 5: Rotate Pie Chart: To rotate the pie chart, right click on the pie, select Format Data Series, adjust the Angle of first slice to any degree you need (e.g., 64 degree, this number will be used later); Step 6: To have the Leader Lines, drag each of the category names a bit far from the pie; Step 7: To create another chart exactly the same on top of this one. Copy the first two.
  5. LCH1067 Academic English (Science and Technology) II Pie Chart Analysis and Description Worksheet Task 1: Figure 1 shows the electricity generation in Hong Kong in 2004. Choose the words/ phrases from the given box below to fill in the blanks. 1. In 2004, coal _____ the electricity generation in Hong Kong, _____ natural gas and hydro-electric power
  6. Pie Quotes - BrainyQuote. If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Carl Sagan. Nature Universe Wish. Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. Jim Davis. Diet Thanksgiving Cake

The IELTS academic exam writing task 1 consists of 6 types of charts such as process diagrams, maps, bar charts, pie charts, tables or line graphs. You will need to write a report about one of these, but remember it is very different to writing task 2, it is not an 'essay' it is a factual report Uses of a Pie Chart. The main use of a pie chart is to show comparison. When items are presented on a pie chart, you can easily see which item is the most popular and which is the least popular Learn how to describe Pie Charts in IELTS to receive a band 9. In this lesson you'll see: - sample question - step-by-step guide to write a band 9 answer - u.. and pie charts e.g. bar charts help you to see the shape of the distribution and give you more data, including the numbers involved. Pie charts help you to see the proportions (or fractions) of the total in each category. S29 Boxwhisk V3.doc Standards Unit trial materials - not for wider distribution 29-3 Working in groups (i) Hand out card set A Bar charts and card set B Pie charts to each. In R the pie chart is created using the pie() function which takes positive numbers as a vector input. The additional parameters are used to control labels, color, title etc. Syntax. The basic syntax for creating a pie-chart using the R is − pie(x, labels, radius, main, col, clockwise) Following is the description of the parameters used

Limitations of Pie Charts . Pie charts are to be used with qualitative data. However, there are some limitations to using them. If there are too many categories, then there will be a multitude of pie pieces. Some of these are likely to be very skinny and can be difficult to compare to one another When describing a pie chart, you must make use of appropriate vocabulary. For example, when relating information, use words like 'related to', 'connected to' and so on. Usually, the largest section in the pie chart will be important. You can skip the sections that will have other if you do not have much time, and if the word count is already more than 150 words. You can use.

Describing Words. The idea for the Describing Words engine came when I was building the engine for Related Words (it's like a thesaurus, but gives you a much broader set of related words, rather than just synonyms). While playing around with word vectors and the HasProperty API of conceptnet, I had a bit of fun trying to get the adjectives which commonly describe a word 1) illustrate level of charts while the pie the visitor 2) from and are before the the statistics taken The years 3) to people went museum more improvements the the 4) felt their after satisfied more 5) 92,000 after went up the to from numbers 74,000 6) to that see it felt pie is who the very charts, interesting visitors t The Pie Chart - A Prologue to Bad Practices in Power BI. The Pie Chart is a fascinating visual. Its circular shape can fixate our attention. No matter how many other visualizations are displayed in your report or dashboard, there is a good chance you will first stare at the Pie Chart. I suspect that this may be related to something innate in our perception. Our forefathers used to gape at. The pie charts below show the average number of books on loan from a university library per week to undergraduate students, PhD students and junior lecturers. Now answer the following true or false questions. 1. The data is about more than one university. 2. The data should be described in the present tense. 3. The data shows a change over time. 4. Phd students borrow more books than the other. Reason. A picture description is an ideal way of practising your English vocabulary in all sorts of fields. And there's also a benefit for everyday life - imagine you want to show pictures of your family or home to your foreign friends

Useful Phrases for IELTS Writing Part One With a partner, brainstorm at least two phrases into each of the categories below. Explaining what the task shows (in the first sentence of the essay) Explaining the paragraph structure Selecting the most important information/ Giving overall information Mentioning parts of what the page shows (= Giving details about the graph etc) Upward trends. Words and phrases used to describe a stable trend. To describe a more or less stable pattern, you can use the following expressions: maintain (past: maintained) remain (past: remained) stay (past: stayed) constant ; stable; steady; unchanged; Adverbs used when describing trends. Adverbs describe HOW something happens. They usually come after a verb. sharply, rapidly, quickly, steeply. Add Data Labels to the Pie Chart . There are many different parts to a chart in Excel, such as the plot area that contains the pie chart representing the selected data series, the legend, and the chart title and labels. All these parts are separate objects, and each can be formatted separately. To tell Excel which part of the chart you want to. The pie charts compare the proportions of Italian and Yemeni citizens in three age groups in 2000 and projections for 2050. It is clear that Yemen had the younger population in the year 2000, and the same is predicted for the year 2050. The populations of both countries are predicted to get older over the 50 year period. In 2000 just over half the Yemeni population were under 14, compared to. Describing graph, chart and diagram 1. DIFFERENT TYPES OF CHARTS, GRAPHS, TABLES AND DIAGRAMS A. TYPES OF GRAPHS Single line graph Multiple line graph Bar graph 2. B. TYPES OF CHARTS Paired bar chart Percentage bar chart Pie chart 3. Stacked bar chart Single bar chart Flow chart Population chart 4. C. TYPES OF DIAGRAMS Diagram Bubble Diagra

A pie chart (or a circle chart) is a circular statistical graphic, which is divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportion.In a pie chart, the arc length of each slice (and consequently its central angle and area), is proportional to the quantity it represents. While it is named for its resemblance to a pie which has been sliced, there are variations on the way it can be presented Browse 13,000 pie chart stock photos and images available, or search for pie chart infographic or 3d pie chart to find more great stock photos and pictures. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color famil

Pie charts display each data group as a separate slice on the chart. You must add at least one data field and one category field to the pie chart. If more than one data field is added to a pie chart, the pie chart will display both data fields in the same chart. Null, empty, negative, and zero values have no effect when calculating ratios. For this reason, these values are not shown on a pie. When you write about a bar or column chart it is important to look first at the Chart Title. This tells you what information the chart displays and you can use this information in your description. Then look at the X and Y axes. The titles of these axes sometimes give you information you can use in your description. It is important also to look.

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Pie charts with lots of slices (or slices of very different size) are hard to read. In all other cases, do not use a pie chart. The pie chart is the wrong chart type to use as a default; the bar chart is a much better choice for that. Using a pie chart requires a lot more thought, care, and awareness of its limitations than most other charts. Alternative: Squaring the Pie. A little-known. But it will be difficult to check the description in the legend and check it on the chart. Now our task is to add the Data series to the PIE chart divisions. Click on the PIE chart so that the chart will get highlight as shown below. Right-click and choose the Add Data Labels option for additional drop-down options. From that drop down select the option Add Data Callouts. Once we. Pie charts can be used to analyze statistics for classroom teaching, business reports or presenting research results in academic essays and so on. It can serve as a capable tool to help people discover the most useful information from what otherwise may be dry or meaningless figures. How to Use Pie Chart to Analyze Data It is best to use pie charts when you want to show differences within.

Presentation explaining vocabulary for describing charts Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website A pie chart is also a very common two-dimensional data visualization where categories and their values are represented. But in this case the values are proportions of a total and they are visualized as slices of a circle (a pie). Here are the same results on the 2000 US presidential election represented as a pie chart. Note that instead of showing the count of votes as the value of interest. Pie chart - Tortendiagramm. Mit einem Tortendiagramm kann man Prozentanteile veranschaulichen. Der ganze Kreis ist immer hundert Prozent. Most of the studentsspend between 4 and 5 hours online. 28%of the classspend between 2 and 3 hours on the Internet. Only 8% of the studentsspend one hour or less online. Or: Fewer than 10%spend one hour or less on the Internet. Less than half of the. Das Arbeitsblatt describing-charts-ws.pdf (Word-Datei: describing-charts-ws.doc) erklärt wichtige Begriffe und Wendungen zum Beschreiben von Diagrammen und Schaubildern.Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf Linien- und Balkendiagrammen (line charts and bar charts), es werden aber auch allgemeine Begriffe und Kuchendiagramme (pie charts) behandelt.. Ergänzt wird das Ganze durch 10 Diagramme, die zur. Use a pie chart to compare the proportion of data in each category. A pie chart is a circle (pie) that is divided into segments (slices) to represent the proportion of observations that are in each category. To interpret a pie chart, compare groups. When you interpret one pie chart, look for differences in the size of the slices. The size of a slice shows the proportion of observations.

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IELTS Pie Charts, Writing task 1. In this lesson, we will look at. 1. The structure for IELTS Writing task 1 2. Paraphrasing the Introduction 3. Writing an overview 4. Body Paragraphs 5. Example Pie Chart and Model answer. With IELTS Pie Charts you have to compare and contrast the information. Pick out the key features of the graph or chart and. Adwords distribution using multi-level pie chart. So this is how XYZ would like to analyze their Adwords account. Let's analyze the multi-level pie step by step: Since Adwords Clicks is what XYZ wants to analyze, it forms the central circle. XYZ runs separate campaigns for Design, Development and Marketing.So the concentric ring around Adwords Clicks is broken down into 3 segments. The size of. A pie chart is a type of graph that is used to compare statistics. It is called a pie chart because it is a circle with smaller sections that resemble slices of a pie. It shows portions of a total percentage in an easily-understood way and can be a phenomenal tool when it comes to sharing complicated data. You can make a pie chart by hand using. Customize the Pie chart with mini toolbar and Plot Details dialog; Steps. Create a new worksheet paste the sample data shown here. Highlight column B and choose the menu Plot > Basic 2D: 2D Color Pie Chart to plot a 2D pie chart . Right click on the Legend and press Delete key to delete the legend box. Quick Customization with Mini Toolbar . Click on the pie plot, and in the pop-up mini.

The Corbettmaths Practice Questions on Reading Pie Charts. Videos, worksheets, 5-a-day and much mor Pie charts are popular because they are easy to create and understand. The main use of a pie chart is to show comparisons between different categories. They are widely used in the media and in business reports as they give the reader a quick idea of the proportional distribution of data. They are only effective when you're comparing 3-5 different data points with different quantities that are. Create a customized Pie Chart for free. Enter any data, customize the chart's colors, fonts and other details, then download it or easily share it with a shortened url | Meta-Chart.com Die Phrasen-Sammlung Kategorie 'Wissenschaftlich | Grafiken, Bilder und Diagramme' enthält Deutsch-Englisch Übersetzungen von gebräuchlichen Begriffen und Ausdrücken Another pie chart example is provided with refined appearance and quality content. It's available for anyone to download and use. Discover why Edraw is an excellent program to create sales pie chart. Try Edraw FREE. You May Also Like Top 10 Types of Charts and Tips to Use. How to Choose Between Bar Chart and Pie Chart . Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software. EdrawMax is.

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  1. This example shows how to add a legend to a pie chart that displays a description for each slice. Define x and create a pie chart. x = [1,2,3]; figure pie(x) Specify the description for each pie slice in the cell array labels. Specify the descriptions in the order that you specified the data in x. labels = {'Product A', 'Product B', 'Product C'}; Display a horizontal legend below the pie chart.
  2. #3 Pie charts generally express the part to whole relationship in your data. When your data is represented in 'percentage' or 'part of' then a pie chart is the best to meet your needs. #4 Use a pie chart to show data composition only when the pie slices are of comparable sizes. In other words, do not use a pie chart if the size of one pie slice completely dwarfs the size of the other.
  3. Charts are graphical representations of data. Charts make it easy to understand large quantities of data, find patterns and relationships and identify trends. Infogram offers a wide variety of charts ranging from interactive bar charts, area charts, pie charts to more complex ones like treemaps, word clouds, scatter charts or candlestick charts
  4. Pie charts are a more ingenious way to display data. Instead of the regular table displaying numbers, pie charts can bring color and distinction to the otherwise dull figures. This is also perhaps the most ubiquitous chart type. In newspapers, business reports, school, and especially in statistics, pie chart is a recurring figure. Charts and graphs are important in the business world. They.
  5. Pie Charts Introduction The pie chart is constructed by dividing a circle into two or more sections or slices . The chart is used to show the proportion that each part is of the whole. Hence, it should be used when you want to compare individual categories with the whole. If you want to compare the values of categories with each other, a bar chart may be more useful. The chart below shows the.
  6. ing which slices of pies are bigger than others is something humans are terrible at. The bar chart is a much more suitable graphic, the line chart does not make sense because they are different items, not related, and not tracking over time
  7. Useful phrases for IELTS writing Part One With a partner, brainstorm at least two phrases into each of the categories below. Introduction Mentioning parts of the graph/ bar chart/ pie chart/ table/ map Selecting the most important information Comparing Contrasting Stating numbers in different ways from the graph Quickly mentioning things you've missed out (if you need to) Conclusion (if you.

Jun 17, 2012 - Preserve the best moments with this evocative business name EpicSnaps. EpicSnaps.com is a dot-com domain with nine letters and three syllables Graphics > Pie chart Description graph pie draws pie charts. graph pie has three modes of operation. The first corresponds to the specification of two or more variables:. graph pie div1_revenue div2_revenue div3_revenue Three pie slices are drawn, the first corresponding to the sum of variable div1 revenue, the second to the sum of div2 revenue, and the third to the sum of div3 revenue. The. a description of this information. Bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and tables are most frequently given for this task. However, you could also be given an object or series of pictures or diagrams or a flow chart to describe. If graphs are used there may be just one usually a line graph or a bar chart

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  1. Browse 13,000 pie chart stock photos and images available or search for pie chart infographic or 3d pie chart to find more great stock photos and pictures. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by colour famil
  2. Description; cutoutPercentage: number: 50 - for doughnut, 0 - for pie: The percentage of the chart that is cut out of the middle. rotation: number-0.5 * Math.PI: Starting angle to draw arcs from. circumference : number: 2 * Math.PI: Sweep to allow arcs to cover. animation.animateRotate: boolean: true: If true, the chart will animate in with a rotation animation. This property is in the options.
  3. It is an intriguing pie, made with pilchards placed so that their heads poke through the crust at the centre of the pie, gazing at the stars, as it were. It is made in honour of a local mythical hero, Tom Bawcock ('bawcock' is an old word meaning 'a fine fellow'), whom legend says sent out on a bad night during a bad season, returning with sufficient fish to save the locals from starvation
  4. utes on the task. Task one is not worth as many marks as task two and so you should make sure that you keep within the recommended twenty
  5. Mar 14, 2012 - Explore Pop Chart Lab's board Pie Charts Made of Actual Pie, followed by 6520 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pie charts, pi pie, happy pi day
  6. Paragraphs to Describe Graphs and Charts Often in academic writing, students will use information and facts presented in charts and graphs to support the topic sentence of their paragraph. Often, the data presented in a graph or table show change over time. There are specific verbs, adjectives and adverbs that can help you describe these changes. For example: Verbs for describing how data have.
  7. Description. pie3(X) draws a three-dimensional pie chart using the data in X.Each element in X

Phrases by ETESY. Saved by Dribbble. Mobile Ui Chart Comics I enjoy: Three Word Phrase, SMBC, Dinosaur Comics, Oglaf (nsfw), A Softer World, Buttersafe, Perry Bible Fellowship, Questionable Content, Buttercup Festival, Homestuck, Junior Scientist Power Hou EssayBuilder improves and speeds up essay writing. It is especially useful for students who want to enhance their study skills, prepare for IELTS, TOEFL, and other EFL and ESL English language writing exams, or who need English for Academic Purposes

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  1. Dot spectral pie chart mosaic pictogram and Subscription seal stamp. Red vector rounded distress seal with Subscription phrase. Vector composition in flat style. - kaufen Sie diese Vektorgrafik und finden Sie ähnliche Vektorgrafiken auf Adobe Stoc
  2. chart definition: 1. a drawing that shows information in a simple way, often using lines and curves to show amounts. Learn more
  3. Pixelated bright spectral social pie chart mosaic icon and Bpa Free watermark. Blue vector rounded grunge seal stamp with Bpa Free phrase. Vector collage in flat style. - kaufen Sie diese Vektorgrafik und finden Sie ähnliche Vektorgrafiken auf Adobe Stoc

Detailed Description. A pie series consists of slices that are defined as QPieSlice objects. The slices can have any values as the QPieSeries object calculates the percentage of a slice compared with the sum of all slices in the series to determine the actual size of the slice in the chart. Pie size and position on the chart are controlled by using relative values that range from 0.0 to 1.0.

Pie chart parts By 09910190 | TheHungryJPEGPhrases used in sign language: - ImgflipVocabulary For Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 (part 1)Image tagged in funny - ImgflipIELTS GraphsHappy World Vegetarian Day! 52 #vegforward Restaurants
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